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Day 3 - Mix

OMG It's over six months and I'm at day 3! Let's mix in some tooling today

Day 2 - Diving in...

Since last night I've been playing with some of the data structures of Elixir, mostly lists, tuples and maps. While I'm not new to these data structures, the way Elixir's API is laid out is a little different and took awhile to get used to

Day 1 - Tabula Rasa

I did enough exploration the past few days and it's time I clean slate and proceed as someone learning Elixir. Not a Python programmer trying to translate Python idioms into Elixir or a Clojure programmer's view of the language, but starting with a clean slate and learning from zero.

Day 0 - Unboxing and Exploration

Let's install this thing and do some explorations. This is a totally random, unplanned, whatever-may-come-into-your-mind post where I just query syntactic constructs and map it with Elixir's. Going to be full of misinformations and bloopers, I assume